Travels With Steinbeck


Article 1:  The Sentinel Five Questions: Modern adventurer takes on Steinbeck Journey

Article 2:  Planet JH Weekly On the Road with Steinbeck

Article 3: Alburqurque Journal Former Educator Sets Out to Rediscover America

Aritcle 4: Travels With Steinbeck

Article 5: Jackson Hole News & Guide Retracing Steinbeck’s Route

Article 6: Airstream Life Steinbeck’s Roads were Made for an Airstream


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  1. * Heike & Armin says:

    Dimmie sent us the link to your website the day before yesterday. Now Armin was tidying up the kitchen after dinner and I sat at the kitchen table and read aloud from your blog. It is interesting and educating and one keeps looking for stretches of roads travelled by oneselves. It is also wonderfully written and sometimes just hilarious ( We especially liked the comparison between the sizes of certain types of dogs and huge RV ashtrays….! ) I keep looking for tales about some routes you have obviously taken, but I cannot find anything. So we just assume ( and very much hope) that you will include it all in your book, which we will love to read! Looking forward to it and also to seeing you any time soon. ( Next time we are in Jackson, yo´d better be there!). Love from Heike , Armin and all of us over here

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago
  2. * Heike & Armin says:

    P.S. I put a link from the news section on our website to yours.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago

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