Travels With Steinbeck

Nellie’s right to ride revoked

Come and ride along with me as I follow the Steinbeck route around the U.S. and “rediscover this monster land.”

Tree-Max shot-preferredTWS

Meet Max, the Maltese. Max has always been the understudy (not the underdog, mind you) for this adventure. Look for a full profile on Max tomorrow, as well as an explanation (confession, really) as to why, even though Max is our dog, my grand-dog Nellie was my first choice for the trip (see my first two posts). The David Swift photo to the right is a replica (including the frown and the squint) of a famous Steinbeck picture taken with his standard poodle, Charley—although in this modern version, the dog is a little smaller and the writer is a little less well-known. I chose a large format so that you were certain to be able to find Max the Mighty Dog in the photo.

Eleven days until we depart!

Thank you for riding along. Let’s talk again soon, shall we?

Greg Zeigler
Travels with Steinbeck: In Search of America fifty Years Later
Copyright © 2009


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  1. * Tom Armstrong says:

    Great photo of the two white haired old dogs. We are excited for both of you. It will be a wonderful journey…look forward to reading about it.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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